In Argentina, 26% of Adults live in poverty or social inequality

Unemployment, crowded living conditions and /or poor sanitation

Through our Adults Program, we want to accompany and motivate people over 17 years old who are at high social risk, providing them with educational and training processes to prevent them from becoming socially excluded.

We work hand in hand with psychologists, social workers, nurses and nutritionists with the goal of empowering and educating those with higher vulnerability rates.


Through our Crafts Centers, we help low-income individuals prepare for and find work. We provide a mix of job search activities and short-term education/trainings such as:






Mexican Embroidery

Decorative Painting



Despite the steady rise in literacy rates over the past 50 years, there are still 750 million illiterate adults around the world, most of whom are women.

In Argentina, 6 in 100 adults are illiterate. Most of them have a family in charge and did not complete their first and/or secondary education. At Pequeños Pasos we support low-income parents as they pursue education and stronger families.

Social Support

Our experts provide workshops that improve adults´ self-esteem and overall health such as:

Pregnancy Health

Values and Decision Making

Gender Violence

Women Empowerment

We help

1600 adults per year

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